Jill Oliver

Tour Guide // Ground Assistant

Jill has spent a long career introducing the history, heritage and beauty of the North of England to many hundreds of people from overseas.

A native of the North East,speaking several languages, she is delighted to guide new visitors around this amazing and unique region.

Favourite travel experience

Crossing the causeway to Holy Island on foot, as the pilgrims & Northern saints would have done in the past, and spending the day in the peace and tranquility of this remarkable and historic place. The walk is pure bliss & just beautiful! We are so luck y to be able to have this on our doorstep and any visitor who is interested in pilgrimage or hiking should definitely walk instead of drive onto the island

Favourite place

Durham! Walking up to Palace Green to be overwhelmed as ever by the magnificence of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Durham Cathedral & Castle. This, followed by a relaxed stroll along the beautiful riverbanks - and, not to forget, a refreshing traditionally English cup of tea!

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